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air conditioner service


Expert Air Conditioner Service

You always hear about confirming that you are on top of your HVAC equipment servicing. It’s one of the most common subjects when talking about air conditioners. But why? Preserving your HVAC system plays a large role in the comfort of your home, especially with the irregular summer weather. Don’t wait for your air conditioner to flake out on a hot summer day – service it before it’s too late!


Our experts at Air Max HVAC, Inc. are on hand for tuning and maintenance because it’s important to us that our customers’ essentials are met. Whether it’s a crisis or a regular inspection, we’ve got your back. Regular air conditioner servicing is your best bet and it presents a variety of benefits, including:

Efficiency: the more often your air conditioner is repaired, the better and longer it will run. When it’s working at top efficiency, that also means lower energy usage and decreased energy costs. Comfortability: when an air conditioner is running at its absolute best, so are the people in your home. Being at ease with the state of your air conditioner means that you keep cool and productive during hot summer days.

Reliability: with annual air conditioning maintenance, the chance of problems or malfunctions radically decreases because our professionals can check for and handle problems before they happen. Your air conditioner will stay steady and reliable, even when it’s being used more often. Dependability: parallel your air conditioner service to a car oil change – staying on top of both mean that you can rely on your car to get you to your destination, and on your home to keep you cool all summer long. With a dependable system, you can get more out of your summer.

You want to make the best use of your air conditioner, particularly in the summer, and maintaining it with annual service will ensure that you are. Here are a few other things to also remember with the high temperatures upon us:

Close your blinds: by shielding the inside of your home from the sunlight and lingering heat that can creep in, you can keep your home cooler. Cracking your windows open at night is another great way to utilize natural cool air to keep your home comfortable and give your air conditioner a break.

Use fans: fans can be used in rooms that you know you are going to be in for a while. They deliver fresh air movement and allow you to raise your thermostat a few degrees to save productivity.

Programmable thermostats: there are many kinds of programmable and smart thermostats that let you to schedule when your air conditioner is on and off during the day and night. This opportunity can save you money, especially if you are away from your home often.

No matter the time or day, our NATE-certified, fully licensed and trained specialists at Air Max HVAC, Inc. are equipped to service your air conditioner. Stop spending time worrying about keeping up your air conditioner and give us a call at 747-241-8900 to schedule an appointment.