Stay warm this winter – and save money? Top 3 ways to save on your home heating bill

Matt Lutter is a Customer Solutions Specialist for Eugene Water and Electric Board.

In other words, it is his job to not only make sure your home is kept warm throughout the winter – but to save you money while doing so.

Whether it is lowering your energy bills or setting you up for big rebates, Lutter is on the job.

According to Lutter, there are three main things he likes to let homeowners know so that they can save money:

1. Time

2. Space

3. Temperature

Time is to remind them to turn down the temperature while they’re away from home.

Space is to encourage people to heat fewer rooms in the house, and keep doors closed so that heat stays in certain areas longer.

Temperature is to tell people to turn the thermostat down when they’re underneath the blankets, and keep it at a steady 68 degrees.

“Every degree you lower your thermostat, you generally save about three percent on your heating bill,” said Lutter.

Now, there is a device that people can buy that will help them qualify for an EWEB rebate, called a “Ductless Heat Pump,” which is a pump that is powered by electricity and cheaper to operate than any other heating system. It will keep your home warm for you, while “cooling” off your bill, possibly saving you up to 25 or 50 percent on your energy bill.

That is what Peggy and Ryan Farris use to save on their electricity bill, first for the air conditioning during the summer months. Now, they are curious to see how it will help them this winter.

On top of saving some of your hard-earned money, auditors, like Lutter, will approve your home for an EWEB rebate if you’ve taken steps to make your home more efficient, cutting you a check for up to $650. All of which is possible by reducing your carbon footprint, while keeping your home a bit warmer this winter.

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